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Showa Leadfu Eco Coating

Our innovative eco-coating system focuses on environmental preservation and consideration for the health and safety aspect of the architectural industry.

Environmental Challenges

In recent years, the ozone layer has been depleted by photochemical smog that is generated as a result of volatile organic chemical substances in the air. This has led to major environmental problems, such as the occurrence of harmful ultraviolet rays and global warming.

Measures for VOC by introducing powder coating (measures for reducing the emissions of volatile organic compounds)

Production with a focus on environmental consideration

Making the process of pre-painting treatments pollution-free

We use non-chromium materials that do not contain hexavalent chromium, a highly toxic heavy metal.

Breaking reliance on solvent paint by introducing powder coating (eliminating VOC in our work)

We break away from VOC by introducing powder coating, and not using solvent paint that generates volatile harmful organic compounds.

The Environmental Impact

In the case of painting an area of 25,000m², replacing solvent paint with powder coating:
The emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds) are reduced by 11.35 tons (equal to 62 oil drums), which is effective for preventing the depletion of the ozone layer by 35 tons. We can reduce CO² emissions by 40 tons (the amount of Co² that is used up annually by 2,860 Japanese cedars).
The building of this picture is NBF Osaki Building (what used to be Sony City Osaki).
The exterior surface treatment is a high weather-resistance polyester powder coating finish.

What is VOC?

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and is represented by toluene, xylene and ethyl acetate, which are components of paint, printing ink, adhesive,
detergent, gasoline and thinner. If they are effused into the air and the water supply, they can cause pollution and damage to health.
VOCs are considered some of the substances that cause photochemical smog by photochemical reactions on the air. Paint, detergent, adhesive and ink count for 75% of total VOC emissions, and a large amount of VOC is emitted by industrial sectors that use a lot of paint by nature of the industry.



What is the ozone layer?

90% of the ozone layer exists in the stratosphere (about 10 to 50 kilometers above the sky)

The layer where there is a large amount of ozone is generally called the ozone layer.Stratospheric ozone absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and protects ecosystems on the ground.


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