Corporate Philosophy

The Rikifuku Group considers the environment with much care and attention, and takes responsibility for the future of the earth.

Development, manufacturing, design and the environment

We, the Rikifuku Group, put clean and eco-friendly manufacturing first and have continued to develop products that are both client-centric and truly environmentally-friendly.

In response to increasingly diverse market demands, we provide high-performance products at competitive costs to our clients. We consistently utilize our technological expertise and global material procuring capabilities, which we have developed since the very start of our business .

We believe in contributing to a better future for our clients and our environment.


Showa Leadfu Co., Ltd. was newly established after Rikifuku Co., Ltd., a leading Taiwanese building materials manufacturer, integrated its business with what used to be Leaf Japan Co., Ltd., the Japanese company of the Rikifuku Group, by receiving stock transfers from what used to be Showa Koki Co., Ltd.


We provide high-performance, high-quality yet cost-efficient products that exceed expectations. We utilize the experience and technological expertise that we have developed both at home and abroad to respond to diversified customer needs in the architectural field of Japan. We are meeting global expectations of the future market in prioritizing safety and environmental preservation. In our specialized field of advanced architectural façade, we meet the task of careful consideration for the environment, and we strive to respond in a holistic way to the needs of the future, and society and a whole.

Corporate philosophyCorporate philosophy

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